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Enjoying Your Family Treasures

        Letting Go so that we can Hold On.  Sounds like a contradiction, doesn't it?

“How will you leave the campsite?”

As an estate planning attorney and a financial planner, this question raises legacy issues of all sorts for me. These include questions about values and life lessons, money, and other things, including “clutter.”  Most of us will leave our campsites exactly like we’ve treated them during our stay in them. If we’ve cluttered them, we’ll leave them cluttered. That someday-I’ll-clean- up idea too often is a mirage.

In order to enjoy the things that are really important, it’s necessary to let go of the many other things that are getting in the way.

Almost anyone can make things complicated, but it takes knowledge and understanding to make them simple.

If this doesn't sound like something a lawyer would do, read on.  This is my life's work.

                                                 How will you leave your campsite?

How Will You Leave It?

Just as importantly, how will you enjoy it while you're here?